We receive many nice notes, emails and thank you’s from our customers. Here are just a couple so you may understand the quality and customer service provided by Custom Built Docks. Here is one from South Daytona:

 Dear Dean and Gary,

Wayne and I just wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding job you did in the construction of our dock, boathouse and gazebo area.  The entire project turned out amazingly beautiful and was the most professional and timely project we have ever experienced in our 23 years living in our home here in South Daytona, Florida.  Much to our joy, our building inspector informed us it was certainly one of the best built docks he has ever seen!  We couldn’t be happier with the experience of working with Custom Built Docks!

Forever grateful,

Wayne and Debbie C.
South Daytona, Florida =)

. . . another from Ormond Beach:

I’ve been a customer of Custom Built Docks for over 5 years. Dean initially installed a new boat lift at my home and has serviced our lifts annually since that time. His workmanship is excellent and I have never experienced any problems with either of my lifts.

Recently, I contracted with Custom Built Docks to build a 250 foot dock behind a home I own on the Halifax River. Dean’s attention to detail allowed for a design that enhanced my property and will be a great dock to use for many years to come. I was impressed by his timely manner in completing the dock from signing of the agreement to completion in only two months!

Lewis H.

Ormond Beach, FL

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Dear Gary and Dean,

    I had every intention of sending you this letter regarding your professional approach to business, attention to detail and quality workmanship, following completion of my new dock on the Halifax River in late 2009, however I got busy and failed to do so at that time. Following my recent acquisition of a new boat in late 2011 and the need to reposition the lift and refurbish the old boat house. There was no doubt who I would call. I wasn’t disappointed and once again I was reminded of how timely your follow up is, how great your finished product looks and what a pleasure it is to deal with honest people that know their trade as well as you gentleman do.

    Getting a competitive price, timely work schedule, quality materials and workmanship, with no unsightly mess or last minute change orders seems to be the standard at Custom Built Docks, Inc., keep up the good work and you both have access to me or my dock should you need a future reference.

    Kindest regards,

    Ron T.

    Ormond Beach, FL

  2. Dean……
    Thank you for a fantastic dock. Your craftsmanship and special attention to details is only accomplished by a “contractor” such as yourself, who is on the job daily and who exemplifies the “pride and passion” of one’s chosen profession. Like an “artist”, it is not just about being commissioned, but, the “final masterpiece”, that speaks of who Dean Leggett-the artist really is.
    I thank you for a job well done, your professionalism, integrity, and timeliness.
    Don’t change a thing, work will continue to come your way!!!

    “To The Good Life, on my Custom Built Dock”

    Terry & Cindy

  3. Fantastic job as always Dean and Gary. I couldn’t wait so after you left today i launched my single scull from the new ramp in the rain no less. It’s absolutey perfect. Got back in the dark and had no trouble with visibility. Nice to feel that solid piece of workamanship after the rocky row down to Granada and back. Use me as a reference anytime.

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