Longshore Compensation


In Florida, the 6006F code is an all inclusive code for Marine Construction which states: anybody, including EMPLOYEES & SUB CONTRACTORS, working over navigational water MUST BE covered by United States Longshore & Harbor workers compensation insurance (USLH) and not the Florida state workers compensation insurance.

It is important for you to understand Custom Built Docks Inc. ARE covered by USLH.

If a worker is injured or killed while working for you through a contractor, and that contractor has people working under state W/C or exemptions and no USLH insurance is in place, the claim would be invalid and YOU could be next in line to be sued by the injured party who thought his employer had the necessary W/C insurance in place.

This is VERY expensive insurance, and many local marine contractors are disregarding the law and putting YOU the customer at risk.

Please dont let these contractors fool you into thinking they have the necessary W/C insurance, OR no insurance at all if using sub-contractors.

ASK TO SEE A COPY OF IT.                                                                                                THERE ARE NO EXEMPTIONS UNDER USLH WORKERS COMP.

Thank you.




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